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A VoIP Line is a direct line service used in conjunction with a VoIP telephone (desktop/cordless) or phone adapter (ATA). It is different from a traditional telephone line service in the sense that you only require a reliable connection to the Internet.

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 1.Easy to Install, Configure, and Maintain Forget about running cables and wires through your home or business. VoIP phones are quick and easy to set up, even for the technically challenged. Hosted VoIP software makes it easy to manage. Adding or removing users, changing system configurations and general settings are made easy by an online web portal.

2. Scaling Up or Down is More Convenient Predicting how many phones you’d require in the next year is no easy task, and considering traditional phone line systems, it is a costly exercise if the phone is not used to its full capacity. With VoIP, this problem disappears, enabling you to add or remove phone lines as you need.

3. Employees’ Numbers Follow Them Wherever They Go Rearranging or expanding your office space? Hosted VoIP phone systems let users access a convenient web portal to reconfigure the system at any time. Hosted VoIP phone systems are ideal for businesses with field workers or travelling employees. Calls can easily be diverted to anywhere in the world due to cloud-hosted VoIP phone system features.

4. A Range of Call Features Is Supported Concerned about the ‘good old traditional call system features’ being lost? Don’t be. VoIP systems offer call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me / follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus, so you won’t have to give up any of your old favourite features by choosing hosted VoIP.

5. Even Older Technology Like Fax Is Supported In our technological day and age one would expect that faxing is extinct, but it is not the case. No fax machine? No Problem! Virtual faxing (also called IP faxing) is another feature of VoIP phone systems. You can send and receive faxes using the email account you already have with a hosted VoIP system – no paper or toner needed.

6. Hosted VoIP Saves Homes and Businesses Money Besides the time and cost that went into managing traditional phone systems, with VoIP you not only save on the costs of installation, calls themselves are significantly less expensive. Hosted VoIP phone systems offer the great savings on especially international calls and in case you need to have a great phone system without a huge capital investment.

7. VoIP Integrates With Other Business Systems Because VoIP calls are internet-based, hosted VoIP systems are easier to integrate with the business applications you use every day. You can do things like place outbound calls through Outlook or other email clients, or bring up a customer record with that customer’s inbound calls. Voice mail accounts are accessible through email for workers who travel, and you can even get voice mail transcription with some hosted VoIP phone systems. This feature transcribes voicemail messages into text and routes them to your email account, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes while conversing.

8. VoIP Can Be Moved Without Requiring a Change of Telephone Number Moving house or business, but want to keep your old number? No problem. Unlike the legacy phone systems with dedicated lines, VoIP offers you mobility: You keep the same number virtually everywhere as long as you have proper IP connectivity.

Other Features:

One telephone number Call forwarding Voicemail Receive two simultaneous calls (on compatible phones)

Call waiting (on compatible phones)

SIP protocol: Multiple codec support Free fax-to-email service Free voicemail-to-email service Switch Telecom local and International call rates.

Keep your main Telkom number by porting it to Switch Telecom Requirements:

A VoIP Telephone (desktop/cordless) or Analogue Phone Adapter (ATA)